Icon Name Description
Alex Alligator Pakka. Is a vegetarian.
Beekeeper If you fulfill his request, he'll give you the Hive ticket.
Beemer Beaver Pakka. Holds a fishing rod.
Bodrey Short Pakka that lives in the sewers.
Captain Brice Seagull Pakka.
Calape Childish blue rhino Pakka.
Calliope Orange Pakka (sister of Sam).
Chester Chubby sea lion Pakka.
Chop Walrus Pakka in a suit.
Colette Orange squirrel Pakka. Loves fountains.
Deputy Cooper Fox Pakka in a police suit.
Deputy Florence Elephant Pakka in a police suit.
Dr. Anfilo
Gregory Humanlike Pakka wearing overalls. Has no friends.
Huey Orange cat/dog Pakka in a bow tie.
Jeremiah Orange mouse Pakka.
Lisa Pink narwhal Pakka.
Loyd Pink bird mailman Pakka.
Luffy Black and white bulldog Pakka.
Mega Girl
Milton Blue bandaged Pakka.
Mitts Orange fox Pakka in a baker outfit. Found only in Alchemy.
Miner Purple mole Pakka found in the Mines.
Mr. Poots Smiling brown poo Pakka.
Nurse Jenny Pakka in a nurse outfit.
Nelson Blue cat Pakka. Is the tutorial Pakka.
Ness Beaver Pakka. Looks like Beemer, but with no fishing rod.
Nick Bear Pakka in a skull hoodie.
Nilla Pink mouse Pakka. Has a crush on Jeremiah.
Nurse Jenny Pakka in a nurse outfit.
Rex Yellow & black cat Pakka.
Stwe Blue Pakka in an alien suit. Looks similar to Starks.
Sam Gray Pakka (brother of Calliope).
Applo Found in Park. If you fufill his request, he'll give you the Orchard ticket.
Terrance Pink mole Pakka.
Terry Red tomato like Pakka.

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