Ghost Bottle Edit

The ghost bottle can be obtained through either earning 600 points on the three ticket theater game or by completing Lambkins quest with Jinn Ojai and paying 1,000 hearts. When you first get the bottle it will be held in the special tab of your chest and will appear empty.

To fill the bottle you must capture the spirit of a dead pet by letting the pet die. Killing a pet will take about two days of food and care deprivation (can take less time if one invests in many, many time machines). Then, when the angel spirit appears when your pet dies you must touch the bottle icon next to the egg icon on the top left to capture it.

After capturing the spirit the bottle will not appear full and be of use in the alchemy section of the game. Even though the process of obtaining the spirit can take awhile, don't be afraid to experiment using the bottle because although the spirit will be used the bottle will return to your special inventory empty ready to be filled again.

It is speculated that the ghost bottle can be used in recipes to make many great items such as the ghost delight, ghost meat, ghost wine, ghost shroom, ghost cake, ghost cheese, ghost root, ghost fruit, and the ghost teddy bear.

The ghost bottle remains to be one of the lesser known items in the game.