The Hive is one of the places accessible from the Bus Stop. The bees in the Hive make honey that you can recollect.


To unlock the Hive you must have unlocked the Construction Lot beforehand. See how to unlock it here. There is a beekeeper in the far right of the Lot who will ask you to catch 3 bees for them. You need a Bee Net first that can be made with alchemy by combining a Pickaxe, a Crystal Donut and a Fly. The bees are scattered around town. The first bee is near the entrance to the Lot in the Park. The second bee is in the Plaza near the fountain. The last bee is in the locked room in the Teleporter (unlock the Teleporter for 5 Quest Coins and the locked room for 8 Quest Coins).

When you give the beekeeper the 3 bees they will hand you the Hive Ticket.