The Shop is where you go to buy items. The four categories of items and decorations you can buy are Furniture, Food, Pet Care, and In-App Purchases.

Furniture Edit

The furniture section in the store is where all the decorations for your Pakka's room are. The prices range from just under 100 hearts to just under 2,000 hearts. Most of the time rugs and roof decorations are the most expensive, and wall decorations are the least expensive.

Food Edit

The food section includes all food that have the shop/store symbol in Item & Recipe List. Some examples are: Broccoli, Bread, Yogurt, Water, Rice, Meat, Caramel, Strawberry, Popsicle, and Fish Stick. Keep in mind, that's just a few examples. There are a lot more foods that will occasionally be in the Shop.

Pet Care Edit

The Pet Care section has these items: Inspector, Health Potion, Weight Gain Potion, Weight Loss Potion, Medicine, Weather Machine, and Soap. The Cave Ticket is also there when it is avalible to buy. You can also find these and pictures of these as well as info on them in Item & Recipe List

In-App Purchases Edit

In the In-App Purchases section, you can buy Quest Coins, Hearts, the Heart Doubler, and the Ad Shield (Blocks Ads). These can all be purchased for real money. You can also buy eggs for real money, but they are not in the In-App Purchases section.