• So I found the apple guy in the park and he asked me to bring him 10 apples and he'd make something grow. I did, he said it'd take 3 days. Came back in 3 days and he grew a tree and then gave me a bus ticket to go to the Orchard and then poofed. But when I take the bus, it doesn' t have any options to go to the Orchard, it just takes me into the Plaza. Anyone else have the same issue, or know what's wrong?

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    • Yea same thats why im trying to find out

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    • The whole "bus ticket" to the orchard thing is really misleading. What you need to do is when you are outside your house click on the shovel to edit your village. Under the buildings tab there is a tree that you need to place somewhere in your village. Then you can click on the tree and it will take you to the orchard. 

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