General Tips For Having The Best Pakka Pet                                                                   By:Serena Christmas Edit

  Many people struggle with raising a pure, good, Pakka Pet. When I raised my first Pakka Pet, my Pakka Pet ended up joining a motorcycle gang. But I have come a long way since then using these helpful tips.

  1. Save up on Peaches, Succelent Fruit and Tacos. Theese foods will fill your fullness and happy circles a lot. Keep saving them so when your pet as low everything, use it.
  2. Save up Heart Gems. Saving up three heart gems will be very useful because instead of mixing them immediatly with common items, they will bring much more ears
  3. by using alchemy to combine them. (See How to make Hearts Page if you don't know how to make hearts or what Heart Gems are)
  4. Save up Movie Stubs until the end of the day. When you save up your Movie Stubs until the end of the day, if you played the Movie Theater a lot, you will have a lot so you can play multiple times before bed and have a feeling of satifaction when you go to bed.
  5. 'Save up on Diamond Fruits, Hyper Jellies, Roll Cakes, Dragon Fruits, and Strange Cheeses. Diamond Fruit + Diamond Fruit + Hyper Jelly/ Roll Cake will equal Level 6 Heart Gem which mixed with other heart gems, can give you lots of hearts. :3 Diamond Fruit + Dragon Fruit + Strange Cheese also makes a Level 6 Heart Gem
  6. Save for a rainy day.  Don't spend hearts on the furniture you half like- spend them on the stuff you DO like.
  7. Make sure to have at least 100 hearts. If you don't have enough money to feed your pet, your pet will get skinny, and will likely get sick, and it's health will be 'dangerous', and you won't have enough money to buy a health potion, and your pet will die.