In the top right corner of your main screen, click the door button to access your village. Your village is a plot of land with different locations for you to visit that you can customize. This replaces the Bus Stop System. You can still access every place though, it's just a different layout. You can also upgrade your village's level with hearts for more land and space and send pets you like to live in your village. 

In the VillageEdit

Your village has your house (which enters the main care screen with your pet), the Movie Theatre (for playing games and watching ads), the Bus Stop (which takes you to the Plaza), the Mines, the Fruit Tree, and the Hive. Click the shovel button at the right corner of the screen to customize your village. You can move places, plant plots, buy gravels and items, and place them. 

Heart Plant PlotsEdit

There are also dirt plots in your village where Heart Plants (appear to be heart-shaped radishes) grow! By pulling these out of the ground when they sprout, you can harvest some hearts! Each sprout rewards you with 20 hearts. There are a limited amount of heart radish plots though- you can gain more by leveling up your village. 

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